Ace the Case: A 28-Year-Old Man With Hepatomegaly and Dyslipidemia

Summary and References


LAL-D is a rare genetic disease with significant morbidity and early mortality due to the marked decrease of LAL enzyme activity, which results in the accumulation of lipid substrates in various tissues and cell types, and the complex dyslipidemia that subsequently results, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.2

There is a need for enhanced awareness of LAL-D so that early diagnosis can help limit disease-associated morbidity and mortality. Differential diagnosis is key because a number of other conditions have similar clinical and laboratory presentations. Early recognition and diagnosis of individuals with LAL-D is essential if appropriate care is to be provided. The recent development of a blood test for LAL-D1 provides physicians with a method for rapid diagnosis, and FDA approval of sebelipase offers a therapeutic option for this rare but devastating disease.11


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