The Patient with Colon Carcinoma (Nutritional Needs)


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Question 1
The patient asks you about the value of an organic diet in preventing the recurrence of her colorectal cancer. What is the best advice to give her?
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Question 2
Which of the following statements is true regarding the relationship of Vitamin D and colorectal cancer?
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The American Cancer Society recommends a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables to help reduce cancer risk. At this time, no research exists to demonstrate whether organic foods are more effective in reducing cancer risk than similar foods produced by other farming methods.

Vitamin D is postulated to exert its anticancer activity by preventing tumor proliferation, though alternative mechanisms are proposed. Serum levels of 25(OH)D have correlated with improved survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Statistical analyses have demonstrated a strong linear, inverse dose-response relationship between serum 25(OH)D levels and breast cancer fatality rates.