Help/Frequently Asked Questions

MedEdTalks is a medical education podcast series offering CME credit. The podcasts can be found on your favorite podcast player, but to obtain credit, you must be a registered user of the Healio network and complete the CME activity on to receive your credit certificate.

There is no cost for you to access MedEdTalks or to obtain CME credits.

For each podcast, there will be a CME activity available on the website, you will be taken directly to the CME Information, which will tell you about the activity and authors, what you should learn at the end and how many credits the activity is worth.

Upon reviewing the CME information, you will be directed to continue on to the pretest. Upon completing the pretest, you will be directed to continue on to the activity, where you will be able to listen to the podcast and/or read the transcript.

Upon your completion of the activity, you will be directed to continue to the posttest. If a passing score is achieved on the posttest, you will be able to continue on to an evaluation of the activity and finally, you will be directed to continue on to your certificate.

Your certificate will also appear in your “My CME” section of the site for future referral.

International Users: If your country recognizes United States-approved CME as valid credits in medical education, then the credits you can earn on MedEdTalks can be applied to your country's continuing medical education program.

Please email for any questions or comments pertaining to editorial content on MedEdTalks.

If you experience technical difficulties while on MedEdTalks, contact