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Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies – A Deep Dive Into Molecular Causes, Symptoms, and Testing by Subtype

Author(s)/Faculty: Nicholas Johnson, MD, MSCI; Monkol Lek, PhD; Katherine D. Mathews , MD; Matthew P. Wicklund, MD
Release Date: 3/26/2020Expiration Date: 3/25/2021
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Limb girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMD) are a group of rare neuromuscular disorders characterized by weakness and wasting of the muscles in the shoulder and pelvic girdles. The severity, age of onset, and heterogeneity are determined by mutations in various genes. To date, there are no disease-modifying options for patients with LGMD; instead, management is based on multidisciplinary care to treat the symptoms and prevent further progression. As the science surrounding LGMD and its treatment continues to evolve, it is imperative that neurologists and other providers understand the mechanisms of disease, the difference in subtypes, and how to achieve accurate diagnosis. To address these topics, experts on LGMD will present a web-based educational activity featuring multidisciplinary perspectives.