Real World Retina: Challenges in the Management of Retinal Diseases – Focus on Diabetic Retinopathy

Author(s)/Faculty: W. Lloyd Clark, MD; Nancy M. Holekamp, MD; John W. Kitchens, MD
Release Date: 11/30/2021Expiration Date: 11/29/2022
Credit Type: CME / CME with ABO Continuing Certification Number of Credits: 1.5
Content Type: LectureProvider:
The integration of intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) therapies into treatment protocols for patients with neovascular retinal diseases has provided significant visual and anatomic improvements. However, real-world outcomes are often suboptimal compared to those seen in the pinnacle clinical studies. Some of these inconsistencies have been attributed to loss of patient adherence due to treatment burden associated with dosing schedules and undertreatment of disease with anti-VEGF therapies. Through the continued refinement of treatment protocols and dosing schedules, these discrepancies are being addressed, but other aspects of management must be taken into consideration to provide optimal care of these patients. In this activity, retina experts will provide discussion of and guidance on the management of diabetic retinopathy (DR). This discussion will include utilization of imaging for early diagnosis and prompt treatment initiation, guidelines for disease management, identification of baseline factors that help predict anti-VEGF therapy outcomes, as well as review of real-world treatment outcomes. Further, challenging real-world cases will be presented, allowing for application of the content into clinical practice.