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Intravitreal Interventions: Volume 8, Number 2

Author(s)/Faculty: Rishi P. Singh, MD; W. Lloyd Clark, MD; Thais F. Conti, MD; Jorge A. Fortun, MD; Shilpa Gulati, MD; Grant L. Hom, BA; Rehan Hussain, MD; Szilárd Kiss, MD; Nisha Aparna Malhotra, MPH; Nadia K. Waheed, MD, MPH
Release Date: 8/30/2019Expiration Date: 8/29/2020
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Unprecedented growth has occurred over the past few years in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal vascular diseases. Clinical data regarding the diagnostic and therapeutic regimens designed to ensure the optimal use of available agents and surgery continue to be published at a rapid pace, while indications for their use continue to expand. Long-term efficacy and safety data, as well as head-to-head comparisons of intravitreal agents for specific retinal diseases, provide clinically relevant information that can be applied to individualize patient treatments. In addition, novel intravitreal agents and instruments are currently being developed. The faculty of Intravitreal Interventions, Volume 8, will review the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal vascular diseases.